Health & Safety

DAR Integrated Construction is committed to achieving the highest practical standards of safety and environmental protection in all spheres of its operations.

We do not compromise when it comes to health and safety. This concept is at the heart of our company’s policy. We ensure that all staff throughout our organization is well aware of safety procedures and their implementations.

DAR Integrated Construction management actively encourages the implementation and continuous review of Health, Safety, and Environmental Standards. We constantly seek to improve HSE practices. We have worked to efficiently incorporate our HSE moral and legal obligations for each and every work process. We operate on the principle that all accidents are preventable and we will make every effort to identify HSE hazards, associated risks and implement control measures.

DAR Integrated Construction persists towards a “ZERO ACCIDENT POLICY” and we desire to be the recognized leader in health and safety in our sector. Our fundamental objective is to complete the Project with “ZERO ACCIDENTS” through effective application of the procedure, integrating safety into planning and executing work, training, and educating our employees.

Whilst safety on site is the prime consideration, we believe that successful safety procedures must embrace all of the company’s activities. HSE induction is mandatory for everyone before entering our sites. We are committed to educate and train each employee in safe working practices. No person shall be required or instructed to work under conditions that are unsafe.

We believe that looking after health and safety is vital to the long-term success of our business and our clients’ business.

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